A Good Start To The Year…

Sometime last year we pushed a snowball off the top of a mountain. That snowball was called Adapt.

It could have fallen to bits… got stuck…rolled to a stop; you get the idea.

Instead, it kept gaining momentum, getting bigger and bigger each day, and all those watching had great fun. When it reached the bottom, we ended up with three times the growth we anticipated.

Yes, October to December was only our second quarter, but despite our relative late entry into the market, we ended 2014 on a high.

Our lending showed a threefold increase on the previous quarter and literally smashed our targets and then some, resulting in lending £17,216,000 on purchases, totalling at £35,650,000.

Add to that, we lent £10,594,000 in refurbishment and/or development loans. This resulted in loans agreeing at almost £28 million.

Our LTV stood at 48 per cent at purchase and taking account of GDV at just over £60 million, LTV was 46 per cent.

82 per cent of our business was on property in London, 14 per cent in the North West and 4 per cent elsewhere.

Thanks must go firstly to our clients, who, as a result of our help, grew and prospered alongside us.

Although, we mustn’t forget the lenders who worked with us, sometimes for the very first time and with amazingly tight deadlines, and also, of course, to those who support us through marketing and recommendation.

We are really looking forward to 2015. We’ve made some great partnerships in 2014 with both clients and lenders alike and cementing those relationships will be our early aim.

Our work is so varied, no day is ever the same. What is constant is our thorough enjoyment in what we do. We are very lucky.