Teaching In Thailand

Adapt were delighted to sponsor Faye, a teacher at a local school in Bolton, who chose to spend her summer holiday break teaching children not as lucky as some. Here is her brief summary of the experience… 

Over summer I travelled to Hua Hin, Thailand to volunteer for a company called IVHQ to teach English to primary school aged children. I spent 6 weeks living in Thailand and teaching Monday- Friday. My hours consisted of 8-2 Monday to Friday teaching. I also spent 2.30-5pm on Tuesdays and Wednesday in an orphanage. 

I taught 3 separate classes daily, these were ages 5-6, 7-8 and 10-11. This focused strongly on English. With the younger children it was mainly teaching of words and phrases such as days of the week, months of the year, food, objects and animals. To teaching the older children about more in-depth English language such as maps of the world, famous people, career choices, space, habitats and so on.

The children were also expected to cook once a week for the whole school, including preparation of all food and then cleaning and washing up after lunch. The children were also a key fund raiser for the school, this included them making crafts and things to sell at the markets to help school pay for simple things such as paper and pencils. The classrooms consisted of a blackboard and chalks and the children had paper and pencils and that is all! No interactive whiteboards, no iPads! 

During my time teaching I was told that some children have no families and live in orphanages, I decided to then dedicate some time to these children. So twice weekly I volunteered at a local orphanages offering play and teaching opportunities for children with literally nothing. Very rewarding but very sad. 

The experienced demonstrated the difference to schools in the UK. I believe the impact of a qualified teacher was huge on the children and I hope to do the same next summer.