A bridging loan is a short-term property funding solution when needing to act quickly.

The most common known use is when buying at auction, when under a committed deadline to complete a purchase, however, has become more mainstream for a range of circumstances whereby a mortgage would not meet the needs of the transaction.

Adapt have a large range of options to suit any circumstance when speedy funding is required and speedy can be anything from a 48-hour completion!

From £50,000 to £50,000,000

A refurb is not too dissimilar to a bridging loan, but with an added amount to enable a refurbishment, extension, create a HMO, or convert a house to flats etc.

The purchase loan is much the same as a bridge, with the full cost of the project released in stages as it progresses. Essentially a borrower only needs an initial deposit and a float to kick off the build.

Once the project becomes quite large, it may also be worth considering a development loan, which Adapt can arrange too.


Development Finance encapsulates all forms of construction finance from Permitted Development conversions to out of the ground sites. 

Facilities can be arranged from single unit schemes to multi hundred-unit sites and from £100,000 to £100m

Once at the completion of your development, the Development Exit product can also provide more time to sell, so you achieve the best prices - ask for more information.

Whether it be a first-time developer or a heavily experienced house builder, we will have a solution for all.


Commercial Mortgages are essentially long term loans secured against any type of commercial property. These can include offices, industrial units, shops, hotels, care homes etc - anything that isn’t considered to be purely residential. 

They are available to property investors (landlords) or business owners who wish to run their business from the property (owner occupiers).

If you are looking to buy something new or refinance a property you already own, we have a range of solutions to suit individual needs.

Buy To Let

Buy To Let (BTL) Mortgages are long term loans secured against residential property that is to be rented out rather than occupied by the owner.  Types of suitable property include houses, flats, student accommodation, HMO’s and holiday homes.

Mortgages are available to individual borrowers, limited companies, LLP’s and in some cases trusts and charities.

There are a plethora of options available so, if you are buying or refinancing, we have an appropriate solution for you.

What We Do

With one sole focus, property funding, Adapt excel in the areas of residential & commercial purchase, refurbishment, conversion, development, undervalue and HMO transactions.

We complete the whole process with an unprecedented hands on, client focussed approach, applying informed attention to detail from initial enquiry through to completion and beyond.

With funding available from both recognised corporate entities and private lenders, our unique operating style enables us to tailor make each proposal in a truly bespoke manner to blend perfectly with the requirements of our client.